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John the Homeless Veteran

The Path Home met John at 11:30 pm on a Thursday. John is a 73 year old Vietnam Veteran in a wheelchair. He had been dumped at a gas station in Indianapolis by the landlord that cashed his Social Security and Disability checks.  He was left there with no money and no assistance for 3 days. He was very weak and dehydrated. We were able to place John in a motel for a week and brought him food daily. John was taken to the VA to be checked out and after a few weeks of medical care, John was moved to permanent housing.


An Afghanistan Warrior comes to Indiana seeking employment

This Army Veteran came looking for work to provide for his wife and young son. He ran out of money in a small Indiana town and found refuge from a local VFW. They were able to place him and his family in a motel for a week and also provided them food. The VFW assisted in finding him a job and a home to rent. The Path Home was asked to provide the first months rent to get him started again. He and his family found more than a job in Indiana…….they found friends who care about veterans


The Path Home assisted in 6 suicide preventions last year. The details of their stories are classified. However, they all have found the help and hope that they needed to carry on with their lives. We will leave no one behind. If you know someone in need of help, please call the suicide hot line on this website.