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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for VA health care?


Who is eligible for Vision care?


 Is my spouse & dependents eligible for health care?




How do I get started with a VA home loan?




Can I apply for a small business loan?


How can I apply for education funds?


 Can I transfer my benefits to my spouse or children?


How do I get evaluated for a claim?


 What is service connect and non-service connected?


I am disabled but not service connected. Can I file for     disability?




Does the VA have benefits for long term or short term assisted living?


Can my spouse get paid for taking care of her brother  who is a disabled veteran?


I’m wheelchair bound, will the VA help me remodel my home and put up a ramp?


How long will it take to process my claim?


What happens to my benefits if I am put in jail?


What do I do if the VA over paid me? Can I make payments or do they take it all at once?


I have never filed a VA claim before. What do I do first?


Who can I call if I want to talk about my combat experiences?


What are the facts about filing for PTSD?


Are benefits different for veterans of different war eras?


I never went to war, do I have any VA benefits?


Will my boss know that my VA appointment is for counseling?


Is this counseling public record?


Is there counseling just for me or can my family seek help too?


How do I get a copy of my Military records or my DD-214?


Additional 360 Answers/FAQs: