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About Us

The Path Home is an outreach program that helps veterans and their families free of charge. We are here to help veterans in getting information on their VA benefits.

In the military there are always support people to aid you with the mission. There are many units from all branches of service that take care of the supplies, transportation, maintenance, ammo, communication, medical care, and fire support that is required for you to do your part. There is even a Chaplain if you need one.

Sometimes, vets feel that when they get home they don't have anyone to turn to for support with the many challenges they now face. That is why the The Path Home was started.

Many veterans endure hardships and tragedies with their platoons while in a combat zone. They grow deep bonds of trust, loyalty, and respect that are rare in civilian society. When they get home they often feel lost, alone, and out of place.

Many struggle with their wartime memories. Things that were part of their everyday life in combat seem so out of place here. Speaking about it here leaves them wondering if people will think they are crazy. So many use silence to hide from the things they won't say. Warriors come home struggling with survivor guilt, divorce, physical disabilities, and the need to find a career in a slow economy.

You are not the first nor will you be the last to come home with questions like?.

Where do I go to sign up for education or health benefits?

Is there anyone that can help me fill out these forms?

Am I entitled to a VA home loan? What is the first step?

Do my wife and children qualify for benefits?

Can someone help me find a job?

What do I do if I need help!

Am I the only one like this?

Maybe you said, I did not sign up for these benefits because I didn't think I would need them, but now I do?

The Path Home has veterans that have already walked your path home. We have people who have dealt with the same questions and problems that you are facing today.

It will not be our honoring you, nor will it be our respect for you that will help you reconnect with society. It will not be our "pat on the back" that will keep your marriage or help you be a good parent. It will not be our "Thank you for your service" that will stop your nightmares or your fall into alcoholism. It is not a matter of strength or weakness that will determine your success in life with your marriage, children, career and community. It is the support people you have around you.

We are not counselors. But we can listen. We can help you find the people and places that are there to help you. You deserve a "path home"!